About Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan

Owner and Lead Tutor

I have worked with youth for over 20 years either as a coach, a teacher or a tutor. I have found that working with youth is one of the most rewarding professions.

In the Beginning

One of my first experiences working with youth was as a coach. I was hired on as an assistant coach to help develop a new cross country program. To this day, that cross country program is one of the strongest in Southern California.

After graduating from Long Beach State with a degree in Accounting, I worked for five years with a private company. During that time, I felt unfulfilled working in the private sector and became aware that something was missing in my life. It was then that I made the very difficult decision to leave what I worked so hard for and start over with a new career. A passion for math had always been within me, even though I was not very good at it, and I enjoyed working with teenagers, so I decided that I would go back to school and get the education I needed so I could become a math teacher.

I enrolled at National University, where I completed their Credential/Master Degree Program. At the same time, I was teaching math at a private high school in the San Fernando Valley. It was during this new phase of my life that I met my wife, got married and had our son.

As things got really busy I decided to make another change. I wanted to work closer to home so I applied to the William S. Hart District and I also applied at a local tutoring company. I was hired at both.

Tutoring Today

And that brings me to today. I’m so very excited to have opened my own tutoring company and I believe that I have a unique perspective in this field. I was the struggling student in the classroom. I have also been the teacher and I understand their perspective and frustrations they face with too many students in a classroom, and learning how to teach the Common Core Curriculum. As a parent, I understand the fears and frustrations. Lastly, I also understand how delicate in nature the tutor/student relation is.

My journey has lead me to this place. A place where no one else dictates how this works for your child. I have a deep passion to help, provide relief, or aid in however, and by whatever means I can. That is why I have started SCV Education Center, the best tutoring in Santa Clarita Valley.