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In these challenging times, elementary students especially need to keep up with building their basic foundation upon which future learning will be built. We realize that each student learns differently and that parents and students also have different comfort levels when it comes to in-person teaching these days.

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We practice CDC recommended guidelines for distancing and cleaning if you’re comfortable with in-person learning. We also provide pod learning for small groups. If you prefer remote hybrid learning, we also implement Virtual Online Tutoring to help anyone near or far – we actually have been helping students in other states this way since before the pandemic.

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Meet One of SCV’s Elementary School Tutors.

Cara Whitman

Elementary Tutor

I have 20 years of teaching experience with elementary students. I am a former 3rd grade teacher and I’ve been a substitute teacher for SUSD for 17 years. I believe in promoting a positive, fun environment and building confidence for your child. I LOVE my job!

Is your schedule too crazy during the week? The prices don’t fit your budget? No problem at all! Come in during the weekend and get the help you need in small groups that are more affordable than the weekday rates. Classes are at specific times. Call for more details.

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