Science Tutoring

SCV blinded me with science

Having trouble telling if the cell belongs to an insect or a human? Does the Periodic Table look like Tetris? Or do you want to know how fast the pen traveled as your teacher threw it at you for talking in class? Let our mad science tutors guide you to the conclusion.

Sometimes it takes another point of view and some one-on-one to help a student understand the crazy laws of science. We, at SCV Education Center, totally understand that not everyone learns at the same rate – physics didn’t teach us that one. We just know this from our years of working with kids and connecting with them on their personal level.

Is your schedule too crazy during the week? The prices don’t fit your budget? No problem at all! Come in during the weekend and get the help you need in small groups that are more affordable than the weekday rates. Classes are at specific times. Call for more details.

Ready to experience a higher level of learning?