Hello, my name is Mike Morgan and welcome to SCV Education Center. A company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of your child thru tutoring, test preparation, college counseling, and summer enrichment programs.

I first began working with high school students’ way back in 1994. I ran Cross Country and Track and Field for Long Beach State. While attending Long Beach State my coach referred me to a high school Cross Country coach, who needed assistance in building and training his team. The high school team experienced immediate success and I found that I had a very natural ability to motivate and bring the best out of the athletes. This program, to this day, is one if the top running programs in Southern California, with many of their athletes earning athletic scholarships to Division 1 colleges. I helped coach in the off seasons, as I had to compete during the season, and I did so until I graduated from Long Beach State. When it was time to go into the field I went to school for I had to say good-bye to the coaching. The coaches final words to me where, “You should become a teacher, I have never seen kids gravitate to anyone like they have to you.” This was a very rewarding compliment but I had just completed five years of education in a specific field, so I was hesitant to just push that all aside and restart my education to become a teacher.

I worked in the corporate world for five years and loved what I did, yet I had zero time to do anything else. I bumped into the same coach and we had lunch. I quit my job the next week and began working at the school under as an aid and assistant coach. I went back to school to learn how to teach math, yet it was short lived because of policy and I was no longer able to continue working at the school.

I then got hired at a private school that did not require a teaching credential. While teaching I went to school to get a Master’s Degree in Education and a Secondary teaching Credential. I also continued to coach. It was an amazing 10 years but it came to an end as my family got bigger, the commute took to much time away so I decided to find a job closer to home.

My next school was in the Santa Clarita Valley. While teaching at the school I also worked at a tutoring company. I later worked at the tutor company full time as this was a more rewarding experience that allowed me to work with students from all over the valley. I also was able to help them better because I could hone in on the mistakes they were making and really meet their needs due to the smaller teacher student ratio.

Then I decided to open up my own tutoring center. Coming to SCV Education Center will meet the needs of your child. I have business experience. I have experience in the classroom. I have experience as a tutor. And I have experience as a parent. I see the entire picture and this allows me to run a successful business that was created solely for the purpose of helping students in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to hearing from you so that I can get your child onto the path of success. Please read the student profiles. These are just a handful of the students that I have had the pleasure of working with. If you feel that your child is in the same situation then I would love to one day write a profile of success for them.


SCV Education Center offers tutoring for all high school levels for all your tutoring needs. Please contact the main office to book your session, or send an e-mail with any questions you might have to mike@scveducation.com.